Student Experience conducted various customer satisfaction surveys among its new, current and departed residents. The results show that residents are generally very satisfied with Student Experience. The average score we receive is a whopping 7.9! A beautiful figure that is far above average and of which we are very proud.

Safety first
Student Experience attaches great importance to a safe living environment. To ensure this, there is 24/7 security and camera surveillance in all student complexes. And that feeling of safety is being appreciated. With an average rating of 8.6 can be concluded that residents feel very safe at Student Experience.

Relax together
But safety is not the only thing that scores remarkably high. Facilities such as the lounge (8.0), dining room (7.6) and inner garden (7.6) are also very popular. Former research have shown that residents find it very pleasant that they can enjoy the privacy of their apartment as well as the company of fellow residents in the public spaces.

Naturally, at Student Experience we always strive for more and we will use the results of the research to make our service, quality and safety even more better in the future.