Ravel Residence 

If there is any availability in Ravel Residence you can follow our registration proces: 

  • You will see a map of the complex. If there are any apartments available, you can choose the apartment of your preference. 
  • Complete the entire registration form so we have all the information necessary to draw up your rental agreement.
  • Once you have filled out the entire form, you will be presented with the rental contract. Please check if your data is presented correctly. You can now sign the rental contract online.
  • Your application is finalized when your payment is completed successfully. An application consists of three sorts of payments:
    - € 25 registration fee
    - € 75 contract costs
    - Deposit (Two months worth of rent)
    You can only pay with your credit card (+ 3.1% transaction fee).

WARNING: do not interrupt the payment! You will be redirected to the Student Experience website when the payment is final. If you do not wait, your application will not be registered in our system.

Check the availability of Ravel Residence 

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Ravel Residence
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