Who does not recognize it? Your exam week is approaching and the time has come to open your books and start to learn. Before you start you take a quick look at Instagram, before you know it 20 minutes are passed without really making any progress with learning. Stop procrastinating and start concentrating!

Join us on January 25th in this second Student Experience Co-Study Session, together with your fellow residents, this is the perfect moment to start learning without getting distracted.
From 10.00 to 16.00 you can study undisturbed in the study room while we ensure the right environment. By not getting distracted from your phone, studying together with your fellow residents or a student who follows the same study and actively using the breaks. You can study this day optimally for your upcoming exam week.

How does it work?
The first study block starts at 10.00 in which you will study together with your fellow residents. There is a 10 minute break after every hour of study time. During this break there is the opportunity to stretch your legs, do some special focus breath meditation, or talk to your fellow residents about what kind of study technique they using. It's a day of learning, right!?

To maintain your concentration and energy, we provide the right healthy drinks and snacks. Getting the right vitamins keeps your concentration on a high level. So during every break you get new energy so you can concentrated easily for an hour! Just bring your own lunch and we will take care of the rest.

Stop procrastinating and start concentrating! See you on the 25th.

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Amsterdam Minervahaven

Tip: book a ticket only if you can be there from the beginning! Can't you be there from the start? Not a problem, just come by when you are free and together we come up with a solution.