What is a campus contract?

The rental agreement you sign is a campus contract. This states that you have to leave the student apartment six months after the completion of your studies, at the latest. You have an obligation to inform us and terminate the rental agreement if you complete or terminate your studies, so we can offer the apartment to another student.

By signing the campus contract you authorize us to perform an annual check to see whether or not you are still enrolled with an educational facility. You have to upload your proof of enrolment on your personal page every year before October the 1st. The following details need to be shown on your letter of enrolment: your name, choice of study, educational facility and year of study.

Is there a minimum lease period?

The rental agreement is signed for a minimum period of one year. At Ravel Residence and AmstelHome you can end your rental agreement every 1st or 15th of every month, at Nautique Living you can end your rental agreement by the 1st. There is a one month notice period. It is not possible to terminate the rental agreement in the first year.

Is it allowed to sublet the apartment?

Subletting the apartment is not allowed.

There are situations in which you are temporarily not in the position to use your apartment, for example because you are studying abroad. In some situations it is possible that someone uses your apartment when you are absent. This is called ‘huisbewaring’. For more information please contact Student Experience.