What are service charges?

Services we and/or third parties provide are service charges. For example: cleaning, gardening, gas, water, electricity and connections for Internet and TV. In your rental contract you will find which services fall under your service charges.

How much are the service charges?

Service charges are approximately € 120,- per month for Ravel Residence and € 128,- per month for AmstelHome. The monthly service charges you pay are an advance payment. The part made up by utilities is based on an estimate of the expected use. The costs are settled once a year.

Are the municipal taxes and charges also included in the service charges?

No, taxes levied by the government, as well as charges such as sewage rights, cleaning rights, water treatment taxes and property taxes are not considered living expenses. After all, the landlord does not provide these services.

The landlord may only charge certain costs and tax levied to you if he has received an assessment from the city itself and if you are not paying taxes to the city yourself. Charging those costs to you is possible, but this must be done separately from the service charges.

On the website of the city of Amsterdam you can find more information about housing and municipal taxes.

If I’m getting money back, does this mean my service charges will be lower next year?

If you get back a tidy sum over the past year, for example, because of a mild winter, this does not automatically imply that you are going to pay less in service charges the following year. If the coming winter is going to be extremely cold, or if energy prices are expected to increase, this may prompt us to not lower the advance.

What does the statement of service charges entail?

The part made up by utilities is based on an estimation of the expected use. The service charges regarding, among other things, internet connection, the contribution to the cleaning of common areas, security, the caretaker, etc. have been determined based on the regulations of the rent committee and are fixed.

These paid service charges are settled in arrears once a year with the actual usage costs. From this statement it will become apparent whether you have paid too much or too little in the past calendar year. We will then either refund or bill you for the relevant amount. Based on this statement, the service charges are re-established and a new advance payment is determined. You will receive a settlement of the actual costs six months after the ending of a calendar year. If you move, you may find that you have to wait a while for the final bill.

Is energytax deducted in the service cost?

From 2018, the energy tax refund will be settled in the settlement of service charges and will no longer be paid back separately to tenants.

Over the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, former residents of Ravel Residence and AmstelHome, who have not received a message, can submit a request for refund via clientsupport@ravelresidence.nl or clientsupport@amstelhome.nl. The refund will be calculated based on personal consumption during the length of the rental agreement.