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Signing contract

Signing your lease in a few steps

Step 1Confirmation by mail

After you have been chosen via the automated draw, a confirmation will be sent by e-mail.

In your account, you can schedule an appointment for an introductory meeting. Are you abroad? Then you can schedule a FaceTime meeting.

Step 2Introductory meeting

From the moment you have received a message that you have been drawn, the introductory meeting must take place within 48 hours.

The introductory meeting, that is held on site or via FaceTime with the duty manager, consists of the following:

  • Check for proof of enrolment at the educational institution;
  • Time to look around and visit a model studio;
  • Time to ask questions.

The introductory meeting takes approximately 30 minutes. After the introductory meeting you have 24 hours to accept or decline the studio online. Should you fail to do so, the reservation of the studio for you will be canceled automatically.

Because of the sharpened COVID-19 measures, we prefer to do the introductory meeting digitally. Would you still like to visit the complex? We kindly ask you to come alone and wear a mouth mask during the tour.

Step 3Signing digitally the contract

Digitally signing the contract can be done via the Service Portal. Then pay your first lease invoice, and get the keys to your brand new home!

The first lease invoice consists of:

  • The rent for the remaining days of the month in which the lease commences. Does the contract start at the end of the month? Then the rent for the next month is also included in the lease invoice;
  • Administration costs up to 50 euros;
  • The deposit of 1120 euros.

Step 4Check-in

During check-in, you are welcomed at the reception by the duty manager. He or she walks you through the studio for verification and hands over the keys.

Do you have any questions regarding the studio? The duty manager will be happy to answer these.

Please bring your ID (passport/ID card/driver's license) documents to the check-in.

Terminate contract

Whatever the reason for your leaving, we will explain step by step how terminating the contract works.

Step 1Contract termination

You may terminate the contract on any day of the month. The notice period is at least 1 month. For fixed-term contracts, you will receive a notification from us at least 1 month before the contract expires.

Terminating the contract can be done in the service portal.

Step 2Pre-inspection

When you terminate the contract, you can make an appointment for a pre-inspection.

  • During the pre-inspection we'll have a look at the condition of your studio and give you pointers on how to make sure it is brought back in perfect condition before you leave.
  • The pre-inspection takes around 30 minutes.

Step 3Items offered for purchase

Should you wish to offer items for purchase, please indicate this upon termination of the contract. Your contact details are then shared with the new student. If he/she is interested, he/she can contact you.

The arrangements are made among the students themselves, we do not play a part in the transfer of items.

Step 4Clearing out the studio

The studio must be neat and clean before you return the keys. Clear agreements are made about this during the pre-inspection.

Only the items that will be purchased by the new tenant can be left behind in the home. Besides this, the studio must be empty.

Step 5Final Inspection

Upon termination of the contract, an appointment for the final inspection was scheduled.

During the final inspection, we inspect whether the studio is tidy, clean and left according to agreement. If this is not the case, we reserve the right to charge extra costs.

Additionally and if applicable, the meter readings will be recorded. These are the final meter readings for heat, water and electricity for the purpose of calculating the final bill.

The final inspection usually takes 30 minutes and is scheduled on the last day of the contract.

Step 6Turning in the keys

During the final inspection you must hand in the keys to the duty manager.

Step 7The final bill and deposit

In the final bill we settle all the costs that are still outstanding. This can be a payment backlog or repair work to the studio. You will receive this bill within 10 business days.
We will refund (the remainder of) the deposit two months after the end of the contract.

We will also discontinue the automatic payment authorisation.

Please note: you must terminate contracts with external companies yourself. Do not forget to deregister from the municipality.

Step 8Settlement of service costs

In most cases you receive a settlement of the service costs. The settlement of the service costs for the current year cannot be included yet in the final bill. You will receive this via e-mail the following year.

Are you paying an all-in price? Then no settlement of the service costs will be made.


Terminate the contract here

Leaving the studio

We are happy to help you prepare your check-out. Here are some tips.

Step 1Terminated your contract.

Upon termination we schedule a pre-inspection together. This takes place 2 weeks before your departure.

What can you do in the meantime?

  • Conducting a thorough cleaning: this makes it easier to clean everything one last time and our duty manager can provide you with tips regarding what needs extra attention.
  • Download the checklist alongside. This way you can easily check which elements of your studio will be checked and you may be able to check off some points already.

Download the checklist here

Step 2Pre-inspection

During the pre-inspection our duty manager checks the studio. Your studio does not have to be empty for this.

We look at the condition of the paintwork, which elements deserve extra attention in cleaning and whether everything in the studio (from sockets to door handles and frames) is still in good condition. Is something not in order? We will let you know, so you can fix it yourself, but also how much it will cost if we fix it for you.

Now is the time to pay close attention and write along. Solving the issues stated can save a lot of money. After all, painting or repairing something yourself is cheaper than outsourcing!

Step 3Emptying the studio

The studio must be emptied completely. It is not possible to leave items behind.

Upon termination you have indicated whether you want to offer items for purchase to the next tenant. Have you reached an agreement? Then we would like to see a confirmation of what remains for purchase in the studio during the final inspection.

Are there items you don't want anymore? Maybe you can make a neighbour happy with your items and earn some money! You can place a message in the private Facebook group of your location.

Step 4Final inspection

The moment is here, you are leaving us. Before you hand in your keys, we will conduct a final inspection of your studio together. We will check whether the studio has been returned to its original condition. This is pleasant for the next tenant, and you would like the same, right?

Have you used our convenient lists? Then chances are we'll get through it quickly.

Are there still issues that have not been settled yet? Then Student Experience must handle these issues and we will charge for this. It is better to put this money into your new home or spend it on fun things, so make sure you have everything fixed down to the last detail.

As your last act, you hand in your keys and it's time to leave your Student Experience adventure behind.

Frequently asked questions.

  • Deposit

    Before you check-in a deposit must be paid. The amount of the deposit can be found in the information regarding the specific location. We will refund (the remainder of) the deposit two months after the end of the contract.

  • Direct debit

    When you sign your contract, we ask you to authorize us to automatically debit the rent from your account every month. In this way, you do not have to worry about payments and you always pay on time, even when you are on holiday, for example. The rent will be debited around the 26th of the month (at Amsterdam NDSM it will take place on the 1st of the month).

    The amount is automatically debited from the bank account you have specified. It is also possible that someone else pays the rent for you (your parents, for example). It is important that there is enough money in the account at the time of debiting.

    Just moved in and missed the moment of collection? Then there is a second collection possibility on the 20th of the month.

    You can change your preferred payment method here.

  • Proof of enrollment

    All Student Experience studios are available exclusively to students. That is why each contract contains a campus clause. It states that after finishing your studies, you are allowed to stay for a maximum of six months thereafter. If you are leaving/quitting college or university, you are required to inform us. Then too, you are allowed to stay for another six months maximum, after which the contract will be terminated automatically.

    At the time of check-in, you must be registered as a student at a secondary vocational or higher professional education institution or at university. You are expected to upload a proof of enrollment in the service portal before October 1st each year. A proof of enrollment must contain the following information:

    • Name
    • Study programme
    • Educational institution
    • Academic year
  • Terminating your contract

    After the minimum rental period has expired, the lease can be cancelled on any day of the month. The notice period is at least 1 month. Is the end date of the lease contract on a weekend or a public holiday? No problem. Even then, the lease can be terminated. Terminating the contract can be done through the service portal.

  • Debt assistance

    Do you have debts you can no longer overcome by yourself? We can help you find a solution by connecting you to a debt counsellor.
    Who can help you with:

    • Gaining insight in the debts and how to prevent these;
    • Making arrangements with creditors regarding the payment of the debts;
    • Entering into a process to be debt-free within a few months.

    Interested in debt counselling? The Amsterdam municipality can help, have a look here.

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