General information Minervahaven

  • Facebook group Mineravahaven

    Are you already a member of the Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven Facebook group? You can use it to communicate with your neighbours and exchange the best study tips, sell accessories and furniture to each other, and stay up to date about everything which is happening at your location!

    Request to join the group here.

  • Internet

    Your studio is equipped with a Smart TV. A channel list has been compiled by Student Experience. A modem is also placed in the studio. You can access the internet in the studio directly, using the start-up information from ITT desk that we provide at check-in.

    Do you have connectivity issues? First reboot your router, then your PC/Mac. For other internet or television issues you can contact the ITT helpdesk on working days between 08:30 to 17:00 at 085-0140425. 

  • Collect your mail

    You can collect your mail at the reception from Monday to Friday from 09:00-17:00 and on the weekends between 19:30-21:00.

  • Washing in the laudromat

    You have received a laundry bag from us that you can use when you do your laundry at our laundromat. You can use the laundromat for a fee. Payments can be made using a debit and credit card. Costs for washing and drying are 3 euros. To make sure there is enough space for everyone to use the washing and drying machines, please note that:
    - You use one washing or drying machine at a time.
    - You get your laundry out of the machines as soon as it's ready. Tip: set your alarm!
    - You don't leave any bags or baskets behind in the laundromat.

    By thinking of your neighbors, you will receive good karma points and probably make some friends too. ;) 

  • Smoke alarm

    Everyone enjoys their well-deserved sleep, and a fire alarm is not the best way to wake up. Therefore, think of your neighbours if you are cooking or producing other types of smoke that are not allowed. Should you smoke, this is only allowed in the smoking area of the garden. Save yourself from setting off the alarm and getting a fine.

  • Reserve the private dining room

    The building has a private dining room. It can be reserved via the reception. The space can be used during the week until 21:45, and on Friday and Saturday until 23:45.

  • Bulky waste

    Bulky waste includes large items that don't fit in the container, such as electrical goods, appliances and furniture. Please note: large cardboard boxes belong in the container marked 'papier' or can be disposed at a Waste Collection Point ('Afvalpunt') free of charge.
    Call 14 020 to make an appointment free of charge or bring your items to a Waste Collection Point ('Afvalpunt'): The Waste Collection Point for your neighbourhood is Toetsenbordweg 41. For more information, see

    Beware! If you don't follow the rules, you risk a fine of the municipality of at least €100,-. You can save a lot of money by disposing your waste in the container and placing bulky waste outside at the right moment.

  • Parking garage

    The complex has an underground parking garage. The entrance to the parking garage is located on Archangelkade. Together with ParkBee, we ensure the parking rates are always lower than the parking rates on the street. Use the ParkBee app to open the parking garage.

    The ParkBee app offers the option to pay per hour, per day or per month. Download the ParkBee app and follow the steps for more information about parking at Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven.

  • Waste

    Let's clean things up nicely. Maybe you can make someone else happy with the stuff or clothing you don't use. That way, you are being sustainable. This is how you get rid of the waste after you've cleaned up. You can deposit the waste you have left, in the Recycling Room in the bicycle shed on the ground floor. We have press containers. Not sure how to use those? Here's how:
    Step 1: Throw your garbage in the press container. Note: No cardboard or glass, the press container gets clogged as a result.
    Step 2: Press the green button (not the one with the green light) on the left side (rear end) of the press container. Now the container is going to press your waste.
    That's it! Now there's enough space for the garbage of your neighbours too! :)

  • Shared bikes

    In the bicycle shed at Minervahaven you find 50 TULU city Swapfietsen and 5 e-bikes. You rent the city bikes for free and the electric bikes for a small fee. You can read more about using a shared TULU bike here

Paying rent at Minervahaven

  • Paying your rent by direct debit

    Are you already paying your rent by direct debit? It's a great way to never miss a payment and it is automatically linked to your profile. You can then determine the date of the transfer yourself, as long as we have received the amount before the 1st of the month. You can easily change your payment method in the portal where you authorize Student Experience for a monthly direct debit.
    Do you transfer your rent to Student Experience manually? Make sure that you always state your name, address and customer number (KLxxxxxxxx) with the transfer. You can find the customer number under 'My Data' in the portal. This way we are able to match the payment to your outstanding balance in a jiffy.

    IBAN account number Amsterdam Minervahaven
    NL02 RABO 0320 8572 98
    (Name: SCI Student Experience Real Estate I CV)

    International payments Amsterdam Minervahaven
    For international payments you may need additional information. You can use the following bank information.
    Name: Rabobank Amsterdam
    Address: Bijlmerplein 518
    City: Amsterdam
    Please note: Any bank fees are to be borne by the student. Bank fees that are charged to Student Experience will be deducted from the rental payment.

  • Registration at the municipality

    The municipality of Amsterdam will charge tourist tax if you don't register at the address of Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven. In the begining of the year there are special registration days where you can visit the municipality without an appointment. We will send you an email to give you more information about the dates.

    The address of Minervahaven is: Moermanskkade 71A, 1013 BC Amsterdam. Bring your printed contract, ID card, or passport and your student card or proof of registration.
    You can find all info here. After receiving your confirmation letter or email from the municipality of Amsterdam, please forward it to To protect your privacy, don't share your BSN (Dutch citizen service number) with us.
    Feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

  • Payment plan

    Payment arrears can quickly add up, so it is important to find a solution as soon as possible. In exceptional cases we can set up a payment arrangement for this. This way you pay off your debt in instalments.

    The most important rules are:

    • A payment plan can be arranged no more than once every 12 months. We calculate this from the end date of the last payment plan.
    • The backlog may not increase any further, the monthly rent must be paid on time just like the amount of the payment plan.
    • Do you not comply with the arrangements made in the payment plan? Then the arrangement will be terminated and a bailiff will be engaged.
  • Backlog

    It is possible that you forget to pay the rent for your studio. In case we don't receive the amount before the 1st of the month, a payment backlog occurs.

    The rent must be in our account on or before the 1st of the month. Has your payment not been received by us in time? We will then send you an invoice reminder.
    Fail to pay within 14 days? Then collection costs will be charged.

    Therefore, make sure you pay in time, to prevent unnecessary costs.

    You can settle your payment arrears through the service portal.

  • Debt assistence

    Do you have debts you can no longer overcome by yourself? The municipality of Amsterdam can help you with your debts if you meet the conditions. Take a look at

  • Landlord statement

    A landlord statement provides information regarding living and payment behaviour in the last two years. A landlord statement can only be provided if you stay with Student Experience for more than 1 year and meet the following criteria:

    • No payment arrears at this time or in the past year
    • No payment plan at this time or in the past year
    • No record with the bailiff at this time or in the past year
    • No social notifications at this time or in the past year

    Do you want us to issue a landlord statement? Send an e-mail and we can return a completed landlord statement within 2 business days.

Repairs, disturbances and complaints Minervahaven

  • Request repair

    If something needs to be repaired in your studio, you can submit a repair request here. We can fix it for you, even if you are not at home. You can give us permission for this. It is also possible to make an appointment in the location operator’s appointment schedule.

    Is it an emergency? Then call the duty manager.

  • Overview repair requests

    The repairs you requested (both for your studio and communal spaces) and that are being processed by us can be found here.

  • Disturbance

    Are your neighbours causing disturbance with loud music, smoking or household waste? We can help to find a solution!

    It is important to first discuss the issue with your neighbours. Maybe the neighbours are not aware of the disturbance they are causing. Stay calm and friendly and show understanding for each other's situation. Has this not helped? Then proceed to the following step.

    Reporting a disturbance
    Has a conversation not helped to solve the situation? Then you can report the disturbance to us. We will look for a fitting solution.

  • Complaints

    Do you have a complaint about noise or anything else? Please come to the reception. You can file your complaint (anonymously) to the receptionist, Duty manager or security guard. Unfortunately, we are not able to respond quickly enough to complaints via email (especially during the weekend) to resolve the situation immediately.


  • End your contract

    When you stay at Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven, you do not have to end your contract. Your contract will end automatically on the end date stated in your contract.

  • House sitting

    House sitting is not possible at our Minervahaven location.

  • Service costs

    The service costs for staying at Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven are included in your rent. You will not receive a separate bill for this.

Handy tips

  • Groceries

    Want to know more about where and how to do your groceries in Amsterdam? Check it out here!

  • Ordering food

    Don't feel like cooking? Here you will find more information about ordering food in Amsterdam.

  • Bikes

    You will find more information about buying a bike, sharing a bike and how to not get your bike stolen in these articles.  

  • Order a parcel

    Did you order something online? Make sure that you're at home when this is delivered. The receptionist or Duty manager is not responsible for accepting your parcels, nor can they sign for them. Are you not going to be at home? Then have the parcel delivered to a Pick-Up point in the area, such as Primera or Albert Heijn.

    If you stay at Minervahaven, you can also have your package delivered to the BringMe Box in the building. With the Bringme Box, you can securely receive packages. You operate the box using the Bringme App. If you use Bringme, please enter your address like this.

    Start with: Bring me - [Name] - [Studio number] - The full address of Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven.

    Did you receive a tracking code that your package was delivered at Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven, but you have yet to see a parcel? Then go to reception, they may be able to help you out.

Is your answer not listed here?

Get in contact with us, the Student Experience team would love to help you. Want to contact the duty manager of your residence directly? You can find his number at the reception of your location and in your service portal.