Life is sweet in the arty NDSM district of Amsterdam.

Sports field, Amsterdam NDSM

Student Experience
Amsterdam NDSM

Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM offers students a home base in Amsterdam Noord and consists of 403 independent studios with an average floor space of 24m2 and a private kitchen and bathroom. To our residents, the entire building is their living room. Cramming together in the study room, watching a movie in the lounge or playing pool in the game corner – you’ll feel at home among your neighbours in no time!

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Amsterdam NDSM information

Studio specs

Studios and sizes

The Student Experience NDSM studios have a floor space of 21 m² to 31 m² and include a private kitchen and bathroom. The height of the studio is 260 cm. You can find a map of the studio in your service portal.

Kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen is equipped with a kitchen counter including the sink. There are both upper and lower cupboards present. The kitchen has an electric 2-burner stove (ceramic) and an extractor hood. You have to bring your own fridge, there is space under the kitchen counter for this. If you maintain the following dimensions for the refrigerator, you can be sure it fits: 55 cm x 86 cm x 57 cm (width x height x depth). We advise you to look carefully at the map on your personal page. Some kitchens are somewhat smaller and do not have separate space available for the fridge. You will then have to place it next to the kitchen unit.

The bathroom is equipped with a shower, sink and toilet. There is a large mirror above the sink.

Floor covering

In every studio there is anthracite coloured flooring.

It is permitted to place laminate flooring on top of the floor covering. It is not necessary to lay an underfloor. We advise you to maintain a maximum thickness of 6 mm. At the end of the lease term, the floor will have to be delivered in its original condition.

Curtain and photo rails

Curtain rails
Curtain rails hang across the entire width of the room in every studio. The width of the studio can be found on the map in your Service Portal. This curtain rail is suitable for curtain hooks. There are a total of 32 eyelets on the rail (16 per side).

Photo rails
It is not permitted to drill into the walls or to attach photos to it. That is why there is a rail in every studio on which you can hang photos, images or cards.

TV and internet connection

Every studio has a TV and internet connection from Ziggo. These are included in the service costs, so you do not have to take out a separate subscription. You have to provide your own utp cable (network cable) and a coax cable for connecting the internet and television. If you want to use WiFi in the studio then you need to purchase a router. For questions regarding your TV and internet connection you can visit the ittdesk website.

Customer registration page - customer number
Are you on the ittdesk registration page? Enter the following number under customer number: 14999999999. With this code you will receive the correct connection in your studio.


Study conditions

Amsterdam NDSM

In need of student accommodation in Amsterdam Noord? To rent a studio at Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM, you must follow a full-time or part-time study in the Netherlands.


Pricing structure

The Student Experience NDSM studios have a floor space of 21 m² to 31 m² and include a private kitchen and bathroom. The price is dependent upon the size of the studio. The price is based on the government property valuation system. This is a point system which determines the maximum price of a studio.


The price (excluding service costs) for a studio in Student Experience NDSM varies from € 537 to € 619.
1 larger studio is available. This studio is 43 m2 and the price is € 752.

The service costs are approximately € 115 (from August '21 it will be € 125) per month, excluding the costs for heat and hot water, this is about € 45 per month. For the supply of heat and hot water, a contract must be concluded with designated external party Eteck.

The deposit is € 1120. This must be paid before entering the studio.

Housing allowance

Are you 23 years or older? Then you can apply for housing allowance. Whether you are entitled to this depends on your income.

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A 360° tour is worth more than a thousand words. Explore all facilities and a studio here to get the best preview of your future home.

Facilities at Amsterdam NDSM

Study room

Study without being distracted? The study room is a bright, open space where you can study in peace.

Co-Study Events are held here as well, so you can focus optimally and have inspiring breaks with brain food, your neighbours and fun activities. 


The lounge is located on the ground floor and consists of cosy sitting areas where you can relax with fellow students, watch TV or play (online) games.

24/7 duty manager and security

Every day from 06:00 to 22:00 a duty manager is present and available. During the night you can rely on the security guard. In addition, security cameras are present at various locations.

Sports field on the roof

All Student Experience locations have a sports field on the roof. You can use the sports field and the other facilities on the roof between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Can (photo)shoots be held?
Anyone can submit a request to use the location for a photoshoot or videoshoot. This can be done for school or graduation projects, own work, but also for commercial photo or video shoots. More information can be found here.

Private dining room

In the private dining room you can organize dinner parties with family and friends. But you could also use it to celebrate your birthday or have a baking competition with your best friend. 

You can reserve the private dining room through our reception.

Service portal

You can access the online service portal to find more information about Student Experience. Here you can arrange most matters quickly and easily, such as terminating your contract or submitting a repair request.

Game corner

In the game corner you can prove you're the best at table football, pool, table tennis or darts. In addition, it is possible to connect your own game console to the large television screen in the lounge.


Enjoy your cup of coffee in a sheltered place? This is possible in the courtyard on one of the seats or hammocks. By planting special mosses, grasses and flowers, (certain) animal species can be attracted, such as birds and bees.

Medical facilities

Student Experience has partnered up with several general practitioners and a dentist. That way, you always have easy access to medical care when necessary. Check which GP or dentist is closest to your location here

Printer and copier

In the complex there is a copy, print and scan machine present. You can make use of this for a fee.

Vending machine

Care for a snack? There are vending machines present where you can pick up a snack or something to drink.


The Student Experience laundromat is a self-service laundromat where you can use professional washing machines and dryers for a fee. Washing detergent is automatically added to every wash. Using your own detergent is not permitted and causes stains in your laundry.

An ironing board is also available in the laundry room. An iron can be borrowed at the reception.

Bikes and e-bikes

Did you know that 80% of all car journeys are shorter than 20 km? A perfect reason to take the bike. There are e-bikes in the garage that you can use at a low rate. Less CO2 emissions and never looking for a parking space for your car in Amsterdam anymore!

Download the app and get on your bike!


Covered bicycle storage

There is a covered bikeshed in every location. That way, you can park your bike safely and in a dry spot!

Sustainable living

Sustainable living is important at our NDSM complex. Think about separating waste, using water econmic to efficient use of energy. This way we all live together in a  sustainable and healthy world. 

You will find more in the document below.


Sustainable living

What our residents are saying.

What I like about Student Experience is that it is the perfect mix between finding friendships and building a network for the future.

Amsterdam NDSM

Everyone at Student Experience is very open and social. Together you share a really big home because of all the extra areas in the building. You will have the best time here!

Amsterdam NDSM

The facilities we share like pool and darts make it very lively. But the own living space means you can focus when needed. And you can make a peanut butter sandwich at 3AM without disturbing anyone. ;)

Amsterdam NDSM

I love that my bike is always safe and dry throughout the entire year. This is why I chose Student Experience.

Amsterdam NDSM

NDSM is super cool because it’s close to the water. It’s also the perfect balance between having privacy in your own space and being surrounded by other students to socialize with.

Amsterdam NDSM

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Frequently asked questions.

  • Minimal lease period

    Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven

    This location is our only short stay residence. This means that you can stay here for up to one year. The precise start date and stay period per studio can be found in the studio advertisement. You'll be moving in to a fully furnished studio and have access to all the services this super sustainable location has to offer. Full service living at its best!

    Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas, Amsterdam Amstel and Amsterdam NDSM

    The contract at these long stay locations is for at least one year. After this year, the contract may be terminated with due observance of the notice period of one month. More information about altering or terminating your contract can be found in your service portal.

  • Response overview

    Log in for an overview of your reactions to available studios.

  • Housing allowance

    Applying for housing allowance is possible if you are 23 years or older and live at one of the following Student Experience locations: Amsterdam Zuidas, Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam NDSM (so not Amsterdam Minervahaven).

    Do you want to know how much housing allowance you are entitled to? You can perform a test calculation for this. This can be done directly with the Tax authorities by clicking here.

    When calculating the rent allowance, you must take the basic rent.

    In addition, there are eligible service costs that you can specify when applying for housing benefit. Eligible service costs are parts of the service costs that you may include in the calculation of your rent allowance. There is a maximum amount of €12 per part.

    The eligible service costs at Student Experience are:

    • Cleaning costs for common areas;
    • Energy costs for common areas (35% of total energy costs);
    • Caretaker costs.

    You will find the amounts in the overview at your service portal under “My monthly costs”.

    You can apply for rent subsidy directly with the Tax Authorities. Click here to start the process.

  • Municipal taxes and levies

    Governmental taxes and charges are not service costs. After all, the landlord does not provide services for these. You will in any case receive an invoice for waste collection and water taxes.

    If your income is low, you can request remission for certain taxes and charges. On the website of the Tax Office of the Municipality of Amsterdam you can read which taxes and levies you have to pay and how you can request a remission for this.

  • Decoration and furnishing tips and tricks

    Have you been eyeing that beautiful laminate floor from Pinterest or want to make popcorn in your own microwave? Create your own space easily with just a few adjustments. With these tips you can efficiently furnish your studio without drilling.

    Extra kitchen space and microwave
    In a compact kitchen you can easily create extra space with a kitchen trolley. You can place a microwave on it, store your dishware or brighten up your kitchen with herb plants.
    Tip: for optimal use of space, place the trolley next to the kitchen block or against the wall of the bathroom.

    Coat rack
    Do you want a coat rack in your studio? Unfortunately drilling is not permitted. Luckily there are plenty of other options:

    • A standing coat rack
    • Door hanger
    • Self-adhesive hooks on the closet
    • Many stores sell these smart solutions; home and DIY stores, Blokker and Action.

    Would you like to make your studio your own by redoing the floor? This is possible with laminate flooring. It is only permitted to place it on top of the floor covering. When leaving your studio you will have to return the floor to its original state.

    Pay attention to the thickness of the floor: We recommend a maximum thickness of 6 mm.

    Your own roller blinds or Luxaflex are stylish and convenient. There are handy tricks to install them. For example, clamp supports ensure that you don't have to use a drill. These universal clamp supports are available at for example Kwantum.

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