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Coffee corner, Amsterdam Minervahaven

Student Experience
Amsterdam Minervahaven

Whether you’re here for a 6-month minor or a 1-year exchange program – accommodation is the last of your worries. At Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven, 600 students from all over the world find a temporary home base in a fully furnished studio, in a state of the art full facility building. Hook up your playstation in the lounge, focus in the study room and sweat out exam jitters in the gym – you won’t be bored.


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Amsterdam Minervahaven information

Studio specs

Studios and sizes

Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven studios have a floor space between 20m² and 45m² and are fully furnished. They also include a private kitchen and bathroom. The height of the studio is approximately 260 cm. As soon as you have signed your contract, you can find a map of the studio in your service portal.

Kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen features a countertop of 2 meters, including a sink. Cabinets above and below the countertop provide ample storage space. The kitchen is equipped with a ceramic stove, a fridge, bin and extractor hood. You'll also receive a brand new kitchen set with:
- 2 pans;
- 2 plates;
- 2 bowls;
- Cutlery;
- 2 glasses;
- 2 mugs;
- Utensils;
- Cleaning set with items such as dishwashing brush and detergent.

The modern bathroom boasts a large washbasin with mirror wall, a spacious shower and a toilet. A brand new bathroom set is provided, including:
- 2 towels;
- 2 guest towels;
- 2 washcloths;
- 1 toilet roll;
- 1 bathmat;
- 1 shower package.


Every studio has a dark brown PVC floor. In addition to its warm appearance, the floor is easy to keep clean.

The studio features floor heating and cooling so that you can always set your ideal temperature.


The studio is fully furnished for your comfort with:
- Chaise longue;
- Boxspring bed (120x200 cm) incl. sheet, duvet + duvet cover and 2 pillows with pillow cases;
- Night stand;
- TV cabinet and Smart TV;
- Small coffee table;
- Large table to dine and study at and a chair;
- Floor and table lamp;
- Rug;
- Large wardrobe;
- Curtains;
- Internet;
- Intercom.

Hanging items on the walls

It is not possible to hang items on the wall. Do you wish to bring a memento from home? Then consider a photo frame you can set down somewhere.

TV and internet connection

WiFi and television are taken care of. A Smart TV and internet are provided for your comfort.



Study conditions 

To be eligible to stay at this location is that you are enrolled at an educational institution in either The Netherlands or abroad and that your stay in The Netherlands is temporary. This can be for a study programme, an internship or a PhD for example.

Period of stay

This location is our only short stay residence. This means that you can stay here for up to one year. The precise start date and stay period per studio can be found in the studio advertisement. You'll be moving in to a fully furnished studio and have access to all the services this super sustainable location has to offer. Full service living at its best!



The average price of a studio is € 895 all-in per month. This includes the use of electricity, water, internet and municipal taxes. You don't even have to buy a bike: just use one of the 100 free shared bikes.
Other facilities that you can use for free are a gym, rooftop sports field and study spaces.

For the complete overview of studios, floorplans and prices, go to our Amsterdam Minervahaven page.

The deposit is € 1120 and the reservation fee is € 50. These fees are to be paid together with your first month's rent in your first transfer.

Housing allowance

Due to the temporary nature of your stay it is not possible to apply for housing benefits while staying at Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven.

The complex has no residential destination, so you can only stay here temporarily. In addition, you will not receive your own house number but a room number, which means you will not receive your own mailbox. These are requirements that you must meet in order to apply for housing benefit.

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Take a tour with
fellow residents

View the complex and the surroundings through the eyes of residents. They will take you to all the cool places that you really should see! Sit back and enjoy.

Facilities at Amsterdam Minervahaven

Study room

Study without being distracted? The study room is a bright, open space where you can study in peace.

Co-Study Events are held here as well, so you can focus optimally and have inspiring breaks with brain food, your neighbours and fun activities. 


The lounge is located on the ground floor and consists of cosy sitting areas where you can relax with fellow students, watch TV or play (online) games.

24/7 duty manager and security

Every day from 06:00 to 22:00 a duty manager is present and available. During the night you can rely on the security guard. In addition, security cameras are present at various locations.

Sports field on the roof

All Student Experience locations have a sports field on the roof. You can use the sports field and the other facilities on the roof between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Can (photo)shoots be held?
Anyone can submit a request to use the location for a photoshoot or videoshoot. This can be done for school or graduation projects, own work, but also for commercial photo or video shoots. More information can be found here.

Private dining room

In the private dining room you can organize dinner parties with family and friends. But you could also use it to celebrate your birthday or have a baking competition with your best friend. 

You can reserve the private dining room through our reception.

Service portal

You can access the online service portal to find more information about Student Experience. Here you can arrange most matters quickly and easily, such as terminating your contract or submitting a repair request.


Game corner

In the game corner you can prove you're the best at table football, pool, table tennis or darts. In addition, it is possible to connect your own game console to the large television screen in the lounge.

Presentation space

Do you have an important presentation at uni tomorrow? Practice it in the presentation room. Or are you going to work on a project together? Then this is the perfect place.
The presentation room can be reserved via the reception of the complex.

Companies can also rent this space for giving presentations or having meetings.


The reception is open from 06.00 – 10.00. You are welcome here with any questions you may have or to book the dining room, for example.


This complex has its own courtyard. Several seating areas have been placed for lounging and enjoying the flora and fauna that the garden has to offer. Special mosses, grasses and flowers were planted to attract certain (endangered) species, such as birds and bees. Together with an insect hotel and bat box they provide even more liveliness in the courtyard.

Printer and copier

In the complex there is a copy, print and scan machine present. You can make use of this for a fee.

Vending machine

Care for a snack? There are vending machines present where you can pick up a snack or something to drink.


The Student Experience laundromat is a self-service laundromat where you can use professional washing machines and dryers for a fee. Washing detergent is automatically added to every wash. Using your own detergent is not permitted and causes stains in your laundry.

An ironing board is also available in the laundry room. An iron can be borrowed at the reception.

Bikes and e-bikes

Did you know that 80% of all car journeys are shorter than 20 km? A perfect reason to take the bike. There are shared Hely bicycles and e-bikes in the garage that you can use for free or at a low rate. Less CO2 emissions and never looking for a parking space for your car in Amsterdam anymore!

Download the Hely app in the App Store here or in the Google Play store here and get on your bike!


Do you want to drop by IKEA or is it raining outside? You can use two electric shared cars at this location for a fee.

Covered bicycle storage

There is a covered bikeshed in every location. That way, you can park your bike safely and in a dry spot!

Parking garage

Are your friends visiting by car or do you want to park your own car? That is possible in the garage underneath the complex! You can park via Parkbee. More information and prices check out Parkbee or download the app.

Employment agency

An office of recruitment agency YoungCapital recruitment agency is located here. YoungCapital focuses on students, starters and young professionals. They do not only help young people get a (part-time) job, but they are also advisory partners regarding the new generation at work.

Students from Student Experience as well as other students and young professionals can come by from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.30 for more information about the possibilities on the labour market. For more information visit the website of YoungCapital or contact them. +31 20 5840660

Co-working spaces

Working on an important project? Go to one of our co-working spaces so you can work without being disturbed whenever you want.

Parcel service

Have you placed an online order or you received a package that does not fit through the letterbox? We have a digital concierge that temporarily stores the package. Pick up the package from the Bringme Box as soon as you have time.

How it's working out can you find here or check out the introduction video.


Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven is the most sustainable student housing complex in Europe. Three of its facades are made up entirely of solar panels: we are literally soaking up the sun to provide you with power! The building is gas-free and fully lit with LED lamps. These and other innovative solutions enable us to minimize our CO2 emission.

Views of the green roof and courtyard? Then you are looking at mosses, grasses, herbs and plants that were placed specifically to attract local flora and fauna.

You too can contribute to the sustainable nature of the location. Grab one of our free bikes! Recycle your waste in our recycling room and use energy wisely. That's how we create a greener world together!

Want to know more about sustainability at this location? Take a look at our BREEAM-NL certification!

What our residents are saying.

I really like living here because you can easily make friends. Especially when you are on the basketball court, in the gym or in the game corner.

Amsterdam Minervahaven

I asked myself the other day, what the difference was between living in Student Experience and heaven. Only thing I could come up with was that there's a free gym in Student Experience, and probably not in heaven."

Amsterdam Minervahaven

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Frequently asked questions.

  • Housing allowance

    Applying for housing allowance is possible if you are 23 years or older and live at one of the following Student Experience locations: Amsterdam Zuidas, Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam NDSM (so not Amsterdam Minervahaven).

    Do you want to know how much housing allowance you are entitled to? You can perform a test calculation for this. This can be done directly with the Tax authorities by clicking here.

    When calculating the rent allowance, you must take the basic rent.

    In addition, there are eligible service costs that you can specify when applying for housing benefit. Eligible service costs are parts of the service costs that you may include in the calculation of your rent allowance. There is a maximum amount of €12 per part.

    The eligible service costs at Student Experience are:

    • Cleaning costs for common areas;
    • Energy costs for common areas (35% of total energy costs);
    • Caretaker costs.

    You will find the amounts in the overview at your service portal under “My monthly costs”.

    You can apply for rent subsidy directly with the Tax Authorities. Click here to start the process.

  • Furnished studio at Amsterdam Minervahaven

    At Amsterdam Minervahaven you stay in a furnished studio. You don’t have to arrange anything, just move in! We make sure you have a fully equipped studio at your disposal. See it as a hotel room: large items such as a bed, a desk, lounge chair, curtains and smart TV are already present. We also provide kitchen equipment and bed linen and towels. Therefore, you only have to bring personal belongings such as clothing and study books.

  • Measures taken on location

     Measures on location untill the 24th of September: 

    • Allowing a maximum of 2 residents in the elevator.
    • Allowing 1 resident per table in the (large) study room.
    • Allowing a maximum of 2 persons per picknick table in the garden.
    • Organizing meetings in the lounge or at other places in the complex is not allowed.
    • The lounge is reserved for residents only, visitors are not allowed to sit in the lounge for a longer period of time.
    • We reserve the right to close any space where the maximum number of persons or the space between persons is not respected.
    • Extra cleaning of door handles and water taps, among others.
    • Our reception desks have hand sanitizer that can be used by foot to clean your hands.
    • Only necessary repairs will be carried out, as to limit the risk of the people carrying out repairs catching COVID-19 and spreading it.
    • Duty managers wearing a mouth mask during contact moments with a resident such as necessary repairs in a studio.
    • The entrance doors of the complex can only be opened with you tag, as to minimize the entering of third parties.
    • To limit the risk of contamination, most of our appointments on location will take place in a different form, such as over the phone. Are you moving out or did you have another appointment with us? We will contact you about how this meeting will take place.
    • We monitor the distance residents keep from one another in the common areas and will bring it to their attention when the 1,5m are not kept.

    Measures on location from Saturday the 25th of September:

    • The urgent advice is to keep your distance. It remains wise to give each other space. 1.5 meters will still remain the safe distance.
    • At Student Experience events it is required to show a valid QR code in the Corona Check App and identification.
    • Organizing meetings in the lounge or at other places in the complex is not allowed.
    • The lounge is reserved for residents only, visitors are not allowed to sit in the lounge for a longer period of time.
    • Extra cleaning of door handles and water taps, among others.
    • Our reception desks have hand sanitizer that can be used by foot to clean your hands.
  • In quarantine after arriving in The Netherlands

    Travellers arriving in the Netherlands from certain countries and regions are strongly advised to self-quarantine for 10 days. You can arrange to get tested for coronavirus on the 5th day after your arrival, even if you don’t have any symptoms. If the test shows you do not have coronavirus, you can end your self-quarantine.
    You can find all the information on the website of our government.

    Student Experience expects residents to act responsibly and to self-isolate in accordance with the recommendations from the Government of the Netherlands.

    Please let us know if you have to go into self-isolate. We can help you wherever possible, like getting your groceries/medicine delivered to your studio so you won’t have to go outside.

    What to arrange before arriving by plane?
    If you arrive at Schiphol or another airport you may be invited to get tested at the airport; however, you will still need to self-quarantine. Please follow the guidance provided at the airport.

    When you arrive in the Netherlands you can travel to the city of Amsterdam using public transport or a taxi. In both cases you need to wear a (non-medical) face mask and keep 1.5 metres distance from other people.

    For coronavirus-related questions you can call the government's corona information line on

    0800-1351 (from the Netherlands)

    +31 20 205 1351 (when calling from abroad)

    Please check the government website regularly for up-to-date information.

    More information about the current situation in the Netherlands you can find in the links below:
    RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment)
    COVID test

  • Private Facebook group

    Are you a resident of one of our locations? Join the location's private Facebook group. It's an easy way to stay in touch with neighbors and ask for help should you need it. The current situation is bringing about great initiatives to help one another, like with grocery shopping.
    Please note: this private group is a communications platform for residents only. Do you have a question for Student Experience? Please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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Is your answer not listed here? Go to our FAQ page or contact us. Want to contact the duty manager of your residence directly? You can find his number at the reception of your location and in your service portal or in the service portal.