Property specifications

Size of the apartment

The apartments in Nautique Living have a floor area of 21 - 31 m² including private kitchen and bathroom. After you've signed the rental agreement you can find a map of the apartment on your personal page. 


The kitchen is equipped with a worktop of approximately 2 meters wide, including the sink. There are both upper cabinets and lower cabinets present. The kitchen has a 2 cooktop (ceramic) and an extraction hood. There is plenty of space under the worktop for placing a refrigerator. You have to take care of a refrigerator yourself. If you take note of the following dimensions for the fridge, you can make sure that it fits: 55 cm x 86 cm x 57 cm (width x height x depth). We recommend you to take a close look at the map on your personal page. Some kitchens are a bit smaller and do not have a separate space for the fridge. In this case, you have to place it on the side. 


The bathroom has a shower, sink and toilet. A large mirror is placed above the sink.


In every apartment a charcoal colored carpet has been laid.

It is allowed to lay laminate in your apartment. It is only allowed to lay laminate over the carpet. At the end of the rental period you have to deliver the apartment floor in the original state. We advise to take in mind a height of 6 mm when you purchase laminate.

Curtain rail 

Each apartment has a curtain rail. The width of the apartment can be found on the map on your personal page. This curtain rail is suited for curtain brackets.

Drill into the walls

It is not allowed to drill into the walls and the ceiling to hang something up or to attach a lamp. There are multi-click rails placed in every apartment, so you can attach photos or images to the wall.

TV- and internet connection 

Each apartment has Ziggo TV and Internet access. The costs are included in the service charges, so you do not need to take out subscription. You need to take care of a UTP cable (network cable) and a coaxial cable for connecting to the Internet and the television. If you want to use WiFi in the student apartment you have to purchase a router. For more information about your tv- and internet connection you can take a look at the website of the ittdesk.

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