Rental price

The apartments in Nautique Living various in floor area from 21 m² - 32 m² with a private kitchen and bathroom. All apartments are provided with a high-speed secure Internet and television connection. The rent is based on the property valuation system of the government. This is a points systeem that determines the maximum rent. 

The rental price (excluding service charges and heat and hot water) for an apartment in Nautique Living ranges from € 500 to € 580. There is one bigger apartment of 43 m2 with a rental price of € 700.

The service charges amount € 115,- a month for Nautique Living excluding the costs for the delivery of heat and hot water. You are under the obligation to close a contract with an external party chosen by Nautique Living for the delivery of heat and hot water.

You may be eligible for housing benefit. Whether this is the case depends on your personal situation. 

The deposit amounts to € 1.100. The deposit has to be paid before you move in.


Student Expereince = self-contained student apartments with a private kitchen and bathroom