Student Experience Madrid Pozuelo is the first international location of Student Experience. The location in Pozuelo de Alarcón is centrally located near several universities and public transportation. This comfortable student complex of more than 23,000 m2 is equipped with numerous facilities and responds to the demand for high-quality housing in this region.

This complex will open in 2023. Keep an eye on the website for the latest developments of Student Experience Madrid Pozuelo.


Student Experience Madrid Pozuelo will be an innovative student complex with 600 independent, furnished student residences including a private kitchen, bathroom and balcony. The student complex is unique due to the many facilities for both students and starting entrepreneurs. For example, the complex regularly organises information meetings for starting entrepreneurs and commercial (meeting) rooms and a conference centre will be available in the complex.

In addition, Student Experience offers various facilities, such as a multi-functional lounge, large swimming pool in the courtyard, sports field on the roof, gym, laundromat, private dining room, various study areas, a sports course around the building and a hospitality venue that will be accessible to everyone.


The Student Experience team is available 24/7 at this full service location. We are here to help you from check-in to the smallest details, so you can have a relaxed stay.

Living at a prime location

Student Experience Madrid Pozuelo is the first Student Experience project in Spain. Located in the posh Pozuelo de Alarcón neighbourhood, this luxurious Student Experience complex fits in well. Surrounded by trees and with many international properties nearby, it is a delightful place to study in Madrid.

With a new metro line, 2 train stations and highways nearby, the complex is easy to reach. Madrid’s city centre is just half an hour away.


Av. de Rodajos, 3
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid