Tips and Tricks 

Student Experience has some tips and tricks for you to decorate your home without drilling in the walls. As you may know drilling in the walls is not allowed.


You can place your microwave on a kitchen trolley. This way you have more space to store your kitchen accessories. You can place the trolley next to the kitchen or on the opposite side. You can buy a nice kitchen trolley at Ikea starting from € 29,95. If you have little kitchen accessories you can also place the microwave in the cabinet under the sink.

Coat rack

There are different ways to create a coat rack. You can purchase for example a standing coat rack. If you want to save space you can also choose for a door hanger or adhesive hooks for on your closet or door.


It is allowed to lay laminate in your apartment. It is only allowed to lay laminate over the carpet. At the end of the rental period you have to deliver the apartment floor in the original state. We advise to take in mind a height of 6 mm when you purchase laminate.

Roller blind/luxaflex

It is not allowed to drill in the frames of the window. If you want to attach a roller blind or luxaflex you can buy universal clamps. You can buy these clamps at Kwantum, a Dutch home décor shop.

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