Below you can find more information regarding the layout of the studio, which can help you with the purchase of the right supplies and efficient furnishing of your studio.


The Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas studios have a floor space of 21 m² (+/- 7 by 3 metres) and include a private kitchen and bathroom. The height of the studio is approximately 260 cm. You can find a map of the studio in your Service Portal.


The kitchen is equipped with a kitchen counter of approximately 2 metres, including the sink. There are both upper and lower cupboards present. The kitchen has an electric 2-burner stove (ceramic) and an extractor hood. When you rent an unfurnished studio, you must provide a fridge yourself. There is room for this under the kitchen counter. If you maintain the following dimensions for the refrigerator, you can be sure it fits: 55 cm x 86 cm x 57 cm (width x height x depth).


The bathroom is equipped with a shower, sink and toilet. The shower has a thermostat tap and shower rod with shower hose and hand shower. Above the sink is a mirror with a wall shelf underneath on which you can place toiletries. In the bathroom you will also find a toilet roll holder, a toilet brush and an extra wall shelf in the corner.


In every studio there is anthracite coloured flooring.

You are allowed to place laminate flooring on top of the floor covering. It is not necessary to lay an underfloor. We advise you to maintain a maximum thickness of 6 mm. At the end of the lease term, the floor will have to be delivered in its original condition.


Curtain rails hang across the entire width of the room in every studio. The width of the studio can be found on the map in your Service Portal. This curtain rail is suitable for curtain hooks. There are a total of 32 eyelets on the rail (16 per side).


It is not permitted to drill into the walls or to attach photos to it. That is why there is a rail in every studio on which you can hang photos, images or cards.


Every studio has a TV and internet connection from Ziggo. These are included in the service costs, so you do not have to take out a separate subscription. You have to provide your own utp cable (network cable) and a coax cable for connecting the internet and television. If you want to use WiFi in the studio then you need to purchase a router. For questions regarding your TV and internet connection you can visit the ittdesk website.

Customer registration page - customer number
Are you on the ittdesk registration page? Enter the following number under customer number: 14999999999. With this code you will receive the correct connection in your studio.