Amsterdam Minervahaven Studio A4100

Moermanskkade 71

21.50 m²

Short stay < 1 year


€ 895/Month


Startdate contract

Applying possible until



Looking for a brand new studio? Look no further. Our Minervahaven location was opened in November 2020 and offers fully furnished studios in various sizes. All of them include a private bathroom and kitchen and top of the line furnishings such as a boxspring bed, a desk, a sofa and a flatscreen TV. We even offer a kitchen, bathroom and linen package, so all you have to bring is a suitcase full of clothes, a laptop and a picture of your pet!

You’ll also get all-in access to all the location’s facilities and services like its lounges, study room, dining room, game corner, gym and rooftops. The perfect spaces to meet people, make friends, study together or sweat out exam jitters.

Pricing is fully transparent: the Accommodation Fee (including any applicable VAT and excluding any applicable tourist tax) is the total price for the use of the studio and the purchase of the services.

This short stay location is subject to a maximum stay period of 1 year.

Your studio at Minervahaven at a glance:

  • Fully furnished studio (incl. 1.20m boxspring bed, wardrobe, desk and chair, lounge sofa, Smart TV, etc.)
  • Bathroom with bathroom package (towels, etc.) 
  • Kitchen with kitchen package (pots, pans, cutlery, etc.)
  • Free use of bikes
  • Free access to all facilities such as a gym, lounges and rooftop sports field
  • Free access to all Student Experience online and offline events
  • Sustainable climate control
  • Advanced recycling
  • All bills included

What our residents are saying.

I really like living here because you can easily make friends. Especially when you are on the basketball court, in the gym or in the game corner.

Amsterdam Minervahaven

I asked myself the other day, what the difference was between living in Student Experience and heaven. Only thing I could come up with was that there's a free gym in Student Experience, and probably not in heaven."

Amsterdam Minervahaven