Amsterdam Zuidas Studio E15

Antonio Vivaldistraat 5

21.00 m²

Long stay > 1 year


€ 715/Month


Startdate contract

Applying possible until



A studio to make your own: that’s what this location offers. With a private bathroom and kitchen, you can make this studio your own little palace: it comes unfurnished.

Stay at the original and very first Student Experience location. It’s located in Amsterdam’s business district and close to the VU campus. This is where we came up with our famous rooftop sports field! Enjoy the rooftop and our other facilities such as lounges, a study room, dining room, gardens and game corner– use of all facilities and services is included in your rent. Make friends, study together, make the most of your student life.

Pricing is fully transparent: the accommodation fee (including any applicable VAT) is the total price for the use of the studio and the purchase of the services.

This long stay location offers studios for a minimum stay of 1 year.


Your studio at Zuidas at a glance:

  • Unfurnished studio
  • Private bathroom and kitchen 
  • Personal parking space for your bike in the covered shed
  • Free access to all facilities such as lounges, a game corner and a rooftop sports field
  • Free access to all Student Experience online and offline events
  • Advanced recycling

What our residents are saying.

Imagine living at the heart of innovation, business and trends but still having the carefree attitude and freedom of a student. This is the prestige Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas provides us. And I wish I could just live here beyond my student life!

Amsterdam Zuidas

The duty managers who look after the building are really nice. For example when I request a repair and book a time slot, they are always very punctual and try to repair it very well. Good service!

Amsterdam Zuidas

My neighbors became my best friends. I also got a lot of inspiration from the building which I live in, I even made an artbook about it.

Amsterdam Zuidas