Have you been eyeing that beautiful laminate floor from Pinterest or want to make popcorn in your own microwave? Create your own space easily with just a few adjustments. With these tips you can efficiently furnish your studio without drilling.


In a compact kitchen you can easily create extra space with a kitchen trolley. You can place a microwave on it, store your dishware or brighten up your kitchen with herb plants.
Tip: for optimal use of space, place the trolley next to the kitchen block or against the wall of the bathroom.


Do you want a coat rack in your studio? Unfortunately drilling is not permitted. Luckily there are plenty of other options:

  • A standing coat rack
  • Door hanger
  • Self adhesive hooks on the closet

Many stores sell these smart solutions; Home and DIY stores, Blokker and Action.


Would you like to make your studio your own by redoing the floor? This is possible with laminate flooring. It is only permitted to place it on top of the floor covering. When leaving your studio you will have to return the floor to its original state.

Pay attention to the thickness of the floor: We recommend a maximum thickness of 6 mm.


Your own roller blinds or Luxaflex are stylish and convenient. There are handy tricks to install them. For example, clamp supports ensure that you don't have to use a drill. These universal clamp supports are available at for example Kwantum.


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