Hely (e-)bikes en e-cars bij Amsterdam Minervahaven

Did you know that 80% of all car journeys are shorter than 20 km? A perfect reason to take the bike. At Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven there are shared Hely bikes and e-bikes which you can use for free or at a low rate. Enjoy the Dutch way of exploring the city with your bike! You can find the bikes in the bicycle shed and e-cars in the parking garage.

Free bikes!

Hely offers 100 free city bikes which you can use for your ride through the city, getting groceries or visiting friends. To offer these bicycles for free and to make sure everyone can use them when they need one, Hely set up some rules:

  • You can use a bicycle for a maximum of 48 hours. The bicycle should be returned to Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven and ended in the Hely app within 48 hours from the start of your ride. If the bike is not returned and unclaimed within 48 hours, the user will be charged a €15 fine and the bicycle will be unclaimed remotely so it is available for your neighbors.
  • Always end your ride in the Hely app when you park the bike in the bicycle shed at Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven, so it's available for others. If the ride is not ended while parked in the bicycle shed at Student Experience, the user will also be charged a €15 fine and the bike will be unclaimed remotely so it is available for your neighbors.
  • When you notice that the bike has a flat tire or other defect, please place the bike in the Hely Bikes Pit Stop stand so Hely can fix it.
  • Always lock your bicycle when leaving it unattended.

Longer ride?

Take an e-car! There are 2 Hely e-cars waiting for you in the parking garage. Make sure you have a valid drivers license and an approved Hely account and you are ready to go.

How to use the Hely shared vehicles?

  • Download the Hely app in the App Store or in the Google Play store.
  • Sign up for a Hely account in the app.
  • Select your vehicle at Hely Hub Student Experience in the Hely app and start your ride. For the electric and city bikes, you can easily scan any available bike with the app to start your ride.
  • After starting your ride in the app, the vehicle opens automatically. For the bikes you can press the ‘Open’ button in the app and voilá: you’re ready to go.
  • Make sure you bring the vehicle back to Hely Hub Student Experience within 48 hours. Close the car with the button ‘Close’ and end your ride in the app.End your ride in the app, the car will lock automatically. For the (e)bikes, lock it with the app before ending your ride.

Need help?

Hely is happy to assist. Go to www.hely.com/faq for more instructions and information. You can also contact Hely directly via:


+31 (0)85 00 12 12